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The Greens (WA) is a member of the Australian Greens, one of the many Green political parties worldwide. Green parties have an expansive vision that challenges the narrow economic focus of the major parties. Green parties are often misrepresented as single issue parties. However, our vision of the future is based on the four interconnecting pillars of social justiceecological sustainabilitypeace and nonviolence, and participatory democracy.

The Greens (WA) was established in 1990 following the merger of the WA Green Party and the Green Earth Alliance, which was itself the product of an earlier merger between the Alternative Coalition, the Vallentine Peace Group and Green Development. All these groups drew inspiration from the West German Greens (as they then were) as well as the many successful community campaigns in WA and throughout Australia.

The Greens (WA) worked closely with the Australian Greens but did not become formal members until 2003 when The Greens (WA) held a ballot of all the membership on the question of formally joining the Australian Greens confederation. There was an eighty per cent vote in favour. On the 11th of October 2003 at the Australian Greens National Conference the Greens (WA) were formally accepted as members of the Australian Greens.

The Greens (WA) act as a voice for the community. We believe that no one has a monopoly on the answers and that no one should have a monopoly on decision making. The radical expansion of democracy, a cornerstone of Green politics, is about bringing people into the political process, putting decisions in the hands of those affected and giving the community a voice.

The essence of the Green vision is the interconnectedness of issues. The healing of many issues such as our rural environmental crisis, disenfranchisement of young people, injustice against indigenous people, family disintegration, unemployment and many others will only happen when we recognise that these issues are all interconnected. The path to creative solutions is to address these issues as a whole and not in isolation.

The Greens (WA) Constituation PDF icon 2015 GWA Constitution Final Approved.pdf

Annual Reports 

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