Alison Xamon

MLC for North Metropolitan

Alison Xamon is The Greens (WA) Upper House Candidate for the North Metropolitan region in the 2017 WA election.

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The Greens would seek to amend the Criminal Code potentially making employers culpable for the death of their workers if they knowingly failed to make their workplace safe.

The amendment would introduce the crime of industrial manslaughter to recognise the seriousness of companies who wilfully failed to ensure their workplaces were safe.

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Thu, 23/03/2017 - 10:45am

Ms DUNN (Eastern Metropolitan) — I rise to speak on the Victorian Planning Authority Bill 2016. When it comes to addressing our housing crisis I must say that successive governments have too frequently looked to urban sprawl as the answer. The opening up of agricultural land for new residential developments on the urban fringe brings with it a number of challenges that have not been adequately addressed. We have seen an ongoing loss of green wedge land and an ongoing loss of very important agricultural land.