Our Complete Policy Platform

The full policy platform was reviewed in 2015 and confirmed by the Australian Greens National Conference in November 2015.

The Australian Greens policy platform establishes the principles and aims of the party. These policies underpin all initiatives and bills developed by our members of parliament and are reviewed every three years by the membership of the Greens in a grassroots process.

During an election, we release initiatives to create an election platform.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a unique relationship with the land and water, and their rights and obligations as custodians must be respected.
The way we treat animals reflects how we treat ourselves and our society. The Greens will work towards ending unnecessary animal cruelty.
Arts and culture are vital to our social wellbeing and economy. Supporting, promoting and protecting Australian artists and their work.
Biodiversity and ecosystems maintain Earth's life-support systems; the conservation of biodiversity is essential for human wellbeing.
Children and young people must have greater opportunities to participate in decision making affecting their lives.
The climate challenge is also an opportunity to transform Australia into a carbon-neutral powerhouse that creates new jobs and a cleaner planet.
Citizens take over the foyer of Parliament House
Community participation in decision-making should be an ongoing process, and participants should be free of the fear of retribution.
Parliament house
Parliament should serve the best interest of all Australians, not just those who can afford to buy influence.
people working together
Corporate activity should consider the concerns and interests of all stakeholders — shareholders, employees, business partners and society.
People with disability, their families and carers, should be able to actively participate in policy, service planning and delivery.
Transparent chemistry glass tubes filled with substances.
Harm minimisation policies are those directed towards reducing the adverse health, social and economic consequences of drug or substance use.
Children play music with a teacher
All Australian families are entitled to access high quality, affordable childcare when they need it.
The economy must be equitable, serve the needs of everyone and provide the best chance to meet the challenges of the future.
school girl in uniform
A strong public education system is key to investing in the next generation and building a fair, successful and cohesive society.
Man fixing a car
Workers deserve work laws which provide them with the protections, rights and responsibilities that come with a just and sustainable society.
Mt Lindsay, Tasmania
Australians have a duty of care to manage our unique natural environment, to ensure its ongoing sustainability for the future.
A scientist examines GMO plants
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their products, and the chemicals used to manage them, may pose unacceptable threats to ecosystems.
Internation currency
A global economic system that promotes environmental sustainability, human rights and a decent standard of living for all.
The leading role of multilateral organisations in the maintenance of international peace and security must be recognised and respected.
Image of health professionals in a hospital
Everyone has the right to timely, quality health care. The fairest, most efficient way to achieve this is a well-resourced public system.
Image of a man building a timber-framed house
New developments should be environmentally sound, close to employment and public transport, and should facilitate community interaction.
Close-up of a baby's face
Economic, social, cultural, environmental, civil and political rights are universal, interdependent, and indivisible.
Image of a smiling girl wearing a headscarf
Australia has humanitarian and legal obligations to accept refugees and reunite families. Australian society benefits from immigration.
Australian foreign policy should benefit both the Australian people and the people of the countries with which we engage.
The chronic under-funding of legal aid and community legal centres results in people missing out. A just society is a healthy society.
Ecosystems-based management is the most sustainable and appropriate model for the management of Australia's marine territories.
Freedom and diversity of the press, and accessible media and communications systems are integral to a successful democratic society.
Harmony Day — image originally supplied to Wikipedia by DIAC
All people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, language or place of birth, have equal rights economically, socially and culturally.
coal heap with an exit sign
Manage resources taking into account intergenerational equity, biodiversity conservation and respect for traditional ownership.
Yellow container with radioactive symbol
No nuclear power, weapons or mining. Future generations must not be burdened with toxic nuclear waste for which there is no safe disposal.
Older man reading near a window
Older people have a right to choose their level of independence, and to social, economic and political participation.
Child receiving injection
Australia has a responsibility to contribute to both long term development aimed at eliminating global poverty and to emergency relief
paper cranes
Real security rests on cooperation, fair economic and social development, and respect for human rights, rather than on military capability.
Image of a crowd of people
Environmental impact is not determined by population numbers alone, but by the way that people live.
Two scientists look at test-tubes
Innovations in science and technology are essential to meeting the challenges of climate change and transitioning to a sustainable society.
two older people laughing intimately
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer communities deserve equal treatment in the law and the community. Sexual and gender diversity benefits our society
Homeless man with a sign: Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up
A socially just, democratic and sustainable society requires the provision of an adequate income and essential services for all its citizens.
Participation in sport plays an important role in the development of social, organisational and communication skills.
cows on a farm
Sustainable agriculture is fundamental to supporting rural communities, which are a vital part of Australian society, and to ensuring a healthy, sustainable, secure and fair food system.
Pollution, climate change and decades of neglect mean major upgrades are urgently required to our transport infrastructure.
plastic bottletops
Waste management policy should adopt a zero waste goal to conserve natural resources for future generations.
black swans on a lake
Water security can be achieved through water-sensitive design, efficiency, capture and reuse and responsive agricultural systems.
Well-behaved women seldom make history
Women have the right to equal participation in political, social, intellectual and economic decision-making processes.