The Australian Greens policy platform, most recently reviewed in 2015, establishes the principles and aims of the party. These policies underpin all initiatives and bills developed by our members of parliament and are reviewed every three years by the membership of the Greens in a grassroots process. During an election, we release initiatives to create an election platform.

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The Australian Greens are deeply committed to the principle of nonviolence, as essential to the prevention and reduction of conflict. Peace can only be achieved by addressing the underlying causes of conflict and basing conflict resolution on cooperation, human rights, natural justice and disarmament, as per the United Nations Charter. The Australian Greens believe that United Nations mandated military action should be a last resort and can only be justified if it is necessary either to avert a major violation of human rights or attempted genocide, or to counter the military invasion of a country.

The Australian Greens believe that Australia’s foreign policy should be independent and non-aligned, benefiting both the Australian people and the people of the countries with which we engage. Australia's defence policy should not be reliant on the United States nuclear umbrella and that our military forces should be geared for defensive rather than offensive operations. Military capability alone cannot guarantee human security, nor can it address some of the most urgent threats we face, including climate change and resultant natural disasters, food and water shortage, and poverty. Security can only be guaranteed when human rights, a healthy environment, and fair economic and social development are realised.

Australian foreign policy should benefit both the Australian people and the people of the countries with which we engage.
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No nuclear power, weapons or mining. Future generations must not be burdened with toxic nuclear waste for which there is no safe disposal.
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Real security rests on cooperation, fair economic and social development, and respect for human rights, rather than on military capability.