CLP secretly signing Territory away

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
The Giles government secretly signed away 15,000 square kilometres of Northern Territory land for coal mining and exploration south of Alice Springs.

The "sugar coated" deal gives the Texas company Tri Star a 6 year* exclusive period to explore the Pedrika Basin. The deal was signed the day before the NT government went into caretaker mode. 

It was never discussed publically and only released in the Government Gazette. Normal practices have been by-passed in the granting of these leases.

The Giles government continues to betray the people in the NT and makes secret deals from the top end to the desert.

This is a dirty deal done by a dirty government who wants dirty water and dirty air.

Vote for clean water and clean government. Vote Greens #1 in the coming election.

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For details contact Dalton Dupuy
Greens Candidate for Braitling: 0468 651 129

*A previous version of this release stated this was 10 years. It was an error and has been corrected.