Strengthening our multiculturalism

All people must have equal rights, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, language or place of birth. The Greens are the standard-bearers of these rights, ensuring multiculturalism is celebrated within Parliament.

Standing up for the rights of ALL Australians

Australia is a great multicultural country. We are fortunate to be home to millions of migrants whose rich and unique identities have enriched our country immeasurably. Unfortunately, the recent rise of the right-wing in the Liberal and One Nation parties has led to new and emerging communities coming under attack from Pauline Hanson, Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and others.

The Greens reject these close-minded, racist ideologies. We will always stand up for the right for all people — regardless of culture, ethnicity, religion, language, place of birth or citizenship status — to participate equally in social, economic and cultural life.
We are committed to fighting alongside Australia’s diverse community groups.

We will defend the Racial Discrimination Act and, through our Strengthening Multiculturalism Senate inquiry, we will give all community groups the opportunity to tell Federal Parliament about the importance of multiculturalism in Australia -- and how we can strengthen these dynamic multicultural communities.

Protecting the Racial Discrimination Act

Right now, Malcolm Turnbull and his right-wing mates are trying to make it easier for Australians to be racist. Under the false banner of free speech, the government wants to change Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.
Defending 18C is the first step in advancing multiculturalism in Australia. Add your name to our petition and we’ll present it to the government’s parliamentary inquiry, ensuring vulnerable people are protected from hate speech and racial vilification.


Our plan to strengthen multiculturalism

We have launched a Senate inquiry that will look into the ways we can strengthen multiculturalism in Australia, as well as strategies to better protect communities and individuals from attack.
The Strengthening Multiculturalism inquiry will hear from diverse communities across Australia about:

  • Whether services and resources available to recently-arrived migrants and more established communities are adequate
  • The effects of racism and bigotry, and what happens when politicians and media outlets fan the flames
  • Ways to improve the public conversation about issues of race, culture or religious belief
  • Whether the Parliament should enshrine the principles of multiculturalism into legislation, or create a Multicultural Commission
  • How to better recognise and celebrate the valuable contribution that diverse communities make to Australian life

The Greens are the genuine opposition to One Nation and the far-right politics of hatred and division in Australia. We will always call out casual or overt racism wherever it occurs, including in the Australian Parliament. The Greens stand with the majority of Australians who respect and value the nation’s cultural and linguistic diversity.

Our Strengthening Multiculturalism committee will embark on a national listening tour in April-May 2017. To ensure your voice is heard as part of this tour, please email