In 2017, I'll make better resolutions

It's a new dawn, it's a new day… it's a new life… 2017 is here and we resolve to do better. We asked our MPs, staff and supporters to share their resolutions. If you haven't made one yet, maybe one here will inspire you.

By Rosanne Bersten, National Communications Coordinator

For some people, new year's resolutions are minor reminders to improve something small about their lives. For others, it's a bigger thing — giving up a vice or embracing a new habit (I think I'd still be smoking if it weren't for a very successful New Year's Resolution made as I smoked my last ciggie on December 31, 1999). For some people who generously shared their promises to themselves, it's a life or death situation.

Thank you to everyone who sent us a contribution.

"The best advice I've had about New Years' resolutions is to aim for something small and achievable. So after an incredibly busy and stressful year my resolution this year is to set aside five minutes a day for mindfulness mediation. If Cory Bernardi was at your workplace you'd need it too!"

Dr Richard Di Natale
Greens Senator for Victoria

"Try and make my household zero waste, and make changes to go plastic free."

Katherine Tyson,
Greens supporter, Tasmania

"After just reading about the evils of k-cup coffee pods to our health, budget and environment it seems that I'm just about to get rid of my coffee machine and go back to old school with a glass French press."

Bathsheba Smith,
Greens supporter, via Facebook

“To have more difficult conversations. One thing I have reflected on in 2016 is the echo chambers we all build and remain in. For the sake of the environment and our society, we need to restart the contest of ideas, be prepared to argue and debate instead of dismiss and retreat."

Mehreen Faruqi,

"Assist my local community to take pride in their environment by working with my local council and the Australian Greens to promote and execute a successful anti litter campaign."

Julia Timson,
Greens supporter, Victoria

"In 2017 my resolution is to collect more experiences and less clutter. For every new 'thing' into my little house at least one must leave to find a new home."

Tammy Franks,
South Australian MP

"I'd like to claim some great social and/or environmental justice resolution this year (that's not being facetious, I believe very much in social and environmental justice), but I can't. I'm a 37 year-old autistic transman; I suffer from severe chronic depression aggravated by social isolation, chronic illness, and, most of all, the physical aspects of gender dysphoria.

In reality, my focus will be keeping myself alive to see 2018."

Derek Hamilton,
Greens supporter, NSW

"Give up beef and dairy products due to the large amount  of impact on the environment and water use that occurs to produce them. It is one of the worst contributors to climate change, deforestation and loss of species diversity in the whole world. It is not worth my $2 burger or my $1 litre of milk to cause such devastation to our planet, so I will no longer be consuming these products."

Daniel Hill,
Greens supporter, South Australia

"My resolution is to sit down and relax at the end of 2017 because we saved the Great Barrier Reef and stopped the Adani coal mine. I also promise not to use plastic straws even though bartenders keep putting them in my drinks."

Emma White 
Queensland Greens Digital Media Manager

"Volunteer for the Greens as much and as often as I can to keep progressive politics heard in my community."

Dan Allsop,
Greens supporter, Queensland

"Strive to reduce the amount of waste I create at home, through shopping, eating and at work. I will achieve this by turning off power sockets when I am done using them, not leave my laptop constantly running, using my phone less, and strive to recycle more. At work I will encourage employees to separate recyclable from waste and turn off the lights/ computers of a night."

Georgia Griffith,
Greens supporter, Victoria

"I'm resolved to work with everyone else in the Australian Greens to get more Greens into the WA Parliament at the March 11 election!"

Grahame Bowland, 
Co-Convenor, The Greens WA

"Continue to build local community confidence and build pride in our amazing city (Broken Hill)."

Nicole Bearman,
Greens supporter, NSW

"Stand up for equality, campaign for human rights and for social equity, and be a stronger and braver activist. I do these things always, but in the future I hope to only become better at what I do and to achieve more through my work."

Michelle Kay,
Greens supporter, Victoria