Senior Electorate Officer - Office Of Jenny Leong MP - Newtown Electorate Office

I moved up to Toowong from Toowoomba for university, and have stayed in the area ever since. I’m a public interest environmental lawyer, scientist and most importantly, a dad to two wonderful kids.

In my day job, I work with communities and represent them in legal cases against corporations that are seeking to damage local ecosystems. Working in a community legal centre pushed me to realise that our local area, indeed our State, desperately needs proper representation in the Queensland Parliament.

The people in Maiwar need a local representative who is passionate about ensuring a positive outcome for the community on important issues like housing affordability, public transport, and appropriate property development.

Rampant property development is spreading across the electorate with no thought given to impacts on local schools, public transport or main roads that are already under pressure. Developers are submitting development applications that go against neighbourhood plans and public needs, yet they’re approved by our city council and state government without adequate consultation or consideration.

I want to see our parliament put Queenslanders before the profits of corporations and that’s why I support the Greens’ stand on banning political donations from property developers, gambling, tobacco and alcohol corporations. It’s time we put the power back in the hands of the people and started to clean up politics.

As the representative of our local community in Queensland’s parliament, I will always put people and community before profit. This is increasingly uncommon in Queensland, and that’s why I will run for the Greens in Maiwar.