Renewing Democracy

National Anti-Corruption Commission

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has exposed systemic corruption which clearly does not stop at state borders. We need a national commission to close the revolving door between big business and politics.

Public interest is best served by a clear separation between politics and business.

Recent revelations by state corruption watch dogs make it clear that sadly this is not the case in Australia.

That’s why we urgently need a National Anti-Corruption Commission to oversee anti-corruption measures at a federal level in the same way that state ICACs do.

The Australian Greens have called on both Liberal, National and Labor to urgently consider legislation for a National Integrity Commissioner in light of recent events in NSW politics.

The Greens’ National Integrity Commission Bill has been introduced in successive parliaments. More recent travel entitlement scandals have made action more urgent.

Reintroducing our plan for a National Anti-Corruption Commission will be a top priority for the Greens in the next parliament.


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