Equality and compassion

The Australian Greens will stand up for a fairer Australia, where everyone can get world-class public health care, education and services.

As a prosperous nation, Australia can ensure that all people are treated fairly, are treated with compassion and can access world-class public health care, education and services.

Providing just recognition in our constitution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is an important step on the path to healing the wounds of history and becoming a mature nation.

An equal and compassionate Australia will also include all its citizens in one of its major institutions, marriage, finally realising the dream of marriage equality for LGBT Australians.

Over the last 20 years the share of income going to those at the top has risen, while the share flowing to those in the middle and at the bottom has sharply declined. This must be addressed. 

The growing inequality between generations is also a source of growing economic problems that the Greens will no longer allow to be ignored. Younger Australians are being lumped with the costs of dealing with global warming; carrying around growing student debts because job opportunities are shrinking and with each passing day they are getting squeezed out of the housing market because of tax-breaks for investors.

The Greens have put forward a costed plan to raise billions of dollars in revenue to fund our schools, public health services, social services and infrastructure.

We understand that tax reform starts at the top, not the bottom. We will stand up to big business and the very rich, ensuring they pay their fair share of tax and ending unfair tax breaks that benefit the very wealthy.

We will get money moving out of unproductive and unfair areas and focus on growing the new, clean economy. We’ll increase government revenue so we can afford to provide all Australians with world-class public health-care, education and services.


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