Olivia Ball

Candidate for Lord Mayor of Melbourne

I am Melbourne-born and bred, with a deep love of this city. My vision for Melbourne is for a city that thrives economically and culturally, while leading on issues of environmental sustainability and human rights.

Dr Olivia Ball is a highly qualified human rights advocate with expertise in human rights reporting and teaching, policy, research and campaigning, refugee trauma counselling and rights-based development, gained in diverse international roles in academia and the NGO sector.

Originally a psychologist, Olivia worked primarily with refugee survivors of torture and trauma, before turning to human rights research and advocacy. Trained in community development and international development, she has managed development and conservation projects in the Pacific. She holds a first-class Masters degree in human rights from London University and a PhD in human rights from Monash Law School. Her acclaimed book The No-Nonsense Guide to Human Rights, co-authored with Paul Gready, is available in English and Spanish. Olivia is a founding director of Remedy Australia, a national human rights NGO which advocates for human rights complaints adjudicated by the United Nations to be fully remedied in Australia.

After a lifetime of working in human rights, she has served as a policy advisor and human rights advocate for Oxfam Australia, as well as refugee, women’s and child rights organisations.

Olivia is a powerful voice for the rights of the oppressed and disenfranchised. As Lord Mayor she would bring an indefatigable vigour to implementing the Greens’ alternative vision for Melbourne, emphasising the urgent demands of climate change and sustainability, social equity, democracy and human rights.

This election, Olivia will be a strong voice of integrity for the community. Get in touch to find out how you can support the campaign for Lord Mayor of Melbourne.