Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program


Asia-Pacific Greens study tour participants

IDC annually assesses party building and training projects from three to four emerging parties in the region. Through small grants, the Australian Greens funds activities that build the capacity of party members to contest local elections, set up systems and procedures, and undertake training to further grow their party. IDC support is also practical and hands-on with networking, specialist support, and monitoring visits when needed to these countries.

Global Greens Conference in Dakar in 2012

The Global Greens Congress (GGC) — the primary decision making body of the Global Greens —  is held approximately every five years in a different region of the world. The last Congress was held in 2012 in Dakar, Senegal.

In March–April 2017 the Global Greens Congress (GGC) will be held in Liverpool UK. The 2017 APGF Congress will be held just prior to this meeting. The Australian Greens will be attending and also supporting attendance for Asia Pacific Green parties representatives to participate in this global event. 

Crowd at Asia-Pacific Greens Federation Conference 2015

The Australian Greens provide funding to support the effective organisation and running of the APGF annual congresses. In March 2015 the APGF Congress took place in Wellington, New Zealand and the annual 2016 APGF Council meeting was held in Sydney in May.

Claire Waghorn

The Australian Greens support the ongoing development of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) secretariat. The secretariat provides support and capacity-building for a region-wide network of green political parties and organisations. The Australian Greens provide a grant for an ongoing Secretary position, an internship program, and related operating costs within the APGF Secretariat. APGF is a strategic partner for the Australian Greens International Development Committee (IDC).

The Australian Greens helps to support the development of new and emerging green parties in the Asia-Pacific region through a variety of mechanisms, one of which is the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program (APPDP).

The APPDP was established by the Federal Government in 2005 to fund major political parties to further the development of political party systems in partner countries. The Australian Greens were added to this program in 2010 and we currently receive a budget of $200,000 per annum.

Our program is administered by the Australian Greens’ International Development Committee (AG-IDC) which comprises party members from across Australia. We also employ a part-time International Development Coordinator to organise these activities.

In the Asia Pacific region we assist Greens parties and organisations, principally in developing countries, to improve their capacity to participate in their democratic political processes at all levels of government — many for the first time.